How to reconcile gratitude and cynicism

My children are now young adults. I'm not sure how to navigate their cynicism with the world. I have first-hand knowledge of such good and generous people and yet I also must acknowledge that some people are very self centered or just out for themselves, or even psychotic.

I have NEVER wanted to be cynical. Cynicism is easy. Being optimistic is the challenge. I've always had a natural dose of it and I believe in the power of good ideas and that most people are good. I believe in everyone doing their part to make the world a better place. I believe good people all want similar things in life, to be happy, to enjoy their families and friends, and to live in a good community and have access to things that make their lives more enjoyable.

But we can't ignore the fact that more and more people and corporations in our world center their focus around MONEY and greed. There are examples nationally and locally. My only advice is to tell young adults to look for the good in life and to focus in on that. To be positive and not bitter whenever possible because positive attracts positive, and to try and be a part of something good.

So following my own advice, we want to focus on gratitude and acknowledging the people that have helped the Farm Stand to survive. This week we want to acknowledge some local people that said "NO, we aren't going to let the Farm Stand, and more importantly, our local food system go away."

This is a short list of people that have helped us directly when we were out of options, and without them, we would not still be open. The community definitely owes them a debt of gratitude. Next week we will list another group of customers that have contributed weekly by being very significant loyal customers, and after that a number of people that contributed in different ways to us still being able to keep our mission alive. If you want to read last weeks blog post about the current state of the Farm Stand, you can catch up here. Thank you.

Bill and Lois Altman

Carol and Bob Gwynne-Vaughan

Mark and Mary Ellen Keever

Jan Largent

Ken and Nona Nunnelly

A sincere thank you to these Farm Stand family members. Sara and I are very humbled by your faith in us and by the support that you have given us. We can't say it enough!

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