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Store and Market Hours:
Thursday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 - 3:00 pm

Second Story Cocktail Lounge Hours

Thursday: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

House Band - Rock and Roll!

Music Starts at 7:00 pm

Friday and Saturday Events:

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A Little About Us...

Sara and Dave Ring are local organic farmers. We started our small farm in 1999, and farmed full time until 2007. We understand farmingthe challenges, and the joys. We still grow organic produce and fill in the gaps for things we can't find locally; it's Dave's true passion.

At The Downtown Farm Stand, every day is “buy local” day. We receive a large variety of food from local farms. Weekly deliveries include everything from organic fruits and vegetables, to processors that smoke local pastured meats, to local creameries that make cheese, to 100% grass fed beef, to pastured chicken and pork, to local honey and eggs. Our complete grocery store selection is the result of a lot of time, phone conversations, and e-mails.  Anything we can’t procure from local organic farms we buy from responsible certified organic producers to round out our selection. Over the years since 2007, The Farm Stand has pumped millions of dollars back into the local economy. 

In 2009, we opened the restaurant portion of our store and since then it has really taken off. Customers come back time after time to get their favorites on our menu and try our specials. We hand make nearly every part of every item we serve using only top quality organic ingredients.  We have downsized and closed our deli in October 2022.

We started grocery deliveries in November of 2011. Our members sign up for a weekly or biweekly home delivery of organic produce, plus they can add on anything in the store to their insulated bin. The $35 minimum is easy for most folks to afford. The increased amount of produce sold through delivery is substantially increasing the size of produce orders from local farms.  We are making a difference for local organic farmers!

We also offer exceptional catering for events and we pride ourselves in providing uniquely delicious made from scratch food for exceptional occasions. We can provide whatever you need from box lunches, appetizer trays, buffet meals, or elegant sit-down dinners, and we host micro weddings up to 50 people! Give us a call! 

In December 2019, we opened our Farm Stand Second Story: Banquets, Events, Dining space. The Farm Stand Second Story is our second story of what’s next. It’s also a nod to the past. This space is located on the second floor in an old dance hall in one of the oldest buildings in downtown Muncie. The space has been lovingly, historically restored with double hung wood sash windows, hard wood floors, mostly plaster walls and ceilings, and beautiful wood work. At about 2,300 square feet, we can accommodate large groups and we invite you to book your next party or gathering of any kind here, schedule a short yoga class, hold a dance, or host a meeting. We also host micro weddings up to 50 people!

The Downtown Farm Stand is your go-to place for local, sustainable and organic food in East Central Indiana!