How to make susbstitutions (Swaps) for your produce bin! Billing questions answered!

How to Shop and Swap:

All the details on shopping, swapping, and billing!

To start:

Make sure you are logged in, which is located on the top main menu "Log In" or you can click on the "person" shaped icon. (once you are logged in, you shouldn't have to re-login until you clear your cookies on your browser.) 

Find the Link to your bin produce swaps: Follow the link at the bottom of the email newsletter that says "click HERE for (your bin size) bin swaps.” If you are unsure which bin you receive, feel free to ask or check your email from Monday when you are offered the opportunity to "skip" a week"! You can also find the bin links here. Please remember they will not be accurate until Tuesday afternoon.

Choose your produce swaps: You will see the produce items we have selected for this week that are fresh, in-season, and a good deal. There is a drop-down arrow below each item that should say the same produce name. For example, "Kiwi, Org" would have a drop-down box below it that also says "Kiwi, Org." If you would like to receive the item listed, leave it as is, but if you would like to swap an item, click the drop-down arrow and pick what you would like to swap. When you swap a produce item from the drop down menu, there are no additional charges to your produce bin for that item.

Add To Cart

Once you are happy with your produce, scroll to the bottom and click "add to cart."

Shop for additional groceries:

Once added to your cart, go to the top main menu and click "shop now-all products"

From this page, you can shop for every item we have in stock. To filter your search, you can use the "all products" drop-down menu with categories. To order something like a chocolate bar, you could filter it as "chocolate," “Dried fruit” would take you to all of our dried fruit or, if you know exactly what you want, you can simply use the magnifying glass-shaped search feature at the top right. Add whatever items you would like to your cart.

Once you have added everything to your cart, either click the "view cart" button from the pop-up window that appears when you add an item, or click on the grocery bag-shaped icon with a number on it at the top right of the website. Scroll down and click "check out."

Check Out:

Once at the checkout page: If prompted, click "delivery" as the delivery method, then input your address if you have not entered it before. The first box of the address section may have your address already saved!

If no total is due, click the "Complete Order" button at the bottom, if a payment is due, then input your payment information and your billing address (if you have not done so before) and click the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the page!

If you "save' your payment information, this process will be quick and easy, each time you shop and swap! 

Details of Billing:

Remember that your delivery bin is paid for through your subscription you created when you signed up for delivery. If you add on extra produce or groceries that cost more than your subscription amount you will have to pay that when you check out. If you have not added anything extra you will have a $0.00 balance, but you still must "Check Out" and "Complete Order" for us to receive your swaps.

Groceries sold by weight:

Meat and other items sold by weight can have variable amounts that have to be entered when we pack your bin, so we always check over and adjust the amount if needed depending on the weight of a meat item or something else that you may have ordered.  Sometimes there will be an additional charge for items such as roasts or whole chickens because we don't know how much those items weigh until we put them in your bin.  In that case, we send you an additional invoice to approve.  Groceries are complicated to sell online in that way.

Now you should receive an order confirmation! Both the customized bin and any additional items you like will be in one order! The bin will display a $0.00 price, but the actual price of the bin is being paid for by your subscription payment!

Email if you have any further questions. If you have have tech support questions call Dave at 765-212-5268!