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Home Grocery Delivery!!!

Pricing begins at just $38 for door-to-door delivery!


🌱 Welcome to The Downtown Farm Stand's Organic Produce and Grocery Delivery Service!

Choose a "Produce Bin" for a curated selection of organic produce, or opt for a "Your Choice" bin to handpick your favorites!

Grocery subscriptions are delivered weekly or bi-weekly. Enjoy the flexibility to skip deliveries whenever needed!

🍎 Produce Bin Subscribers: Receive a specially curated list from our experts of fresh, seasonal, and organic produce weekly or bi-weekly. Customize your bin and add any grocery items from our extensive online selection. Choose from three bin sizes to suit your needs!

💡 Your Choice Bin Option: For those who prefer a custom selection, order a Your Choice bin with a $35 minimum grocery purchase and a $5 delivery fee—no hidden fees or add-ons!

💲 Discounted Fees for Subscribers: Both Produce Bin and Your Choice Bin subscribers enjoy discounted half-price delivery, shopping, and packing fees—$3.00 for Produce Bins and $5.00 for Your Choice Bins are the only fees.

📦 Contactless Deliveries Since 2010: All orders are packed in insulated, reusable bins and dropped off at your door. Just place the empty bin out for your next delivery. Serving Muncie, Albany, Eaton, Selma, and Yorktown.

📆 Delivery Day: Deliveries in Delaware County every Thursday.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Every product is satisfaction guaranteed by Dave and Sara Ring and family!


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After adding a bin to your cart:

In the first drop down menu titled "Type of Delivery" choose: Subscription

In the second drop down menu titled "Purchase Options" choose: Subscribe and Save.

In the third drop down menu titled "Delivery Frequency" choose: Weekly or Bi-weekly - whichever you would like.   You can change this option at anytime.

Then check out with your bin!

How to Customize Delivery Bins:

Our fresh organic produce lists will be changed each week on Tuesday afternoon for Thursday deliveries. You will receive links to updated customization pages in our email newsletter on Tuesday afternoons. Links can also be found below but will not have accurate produce choices until they are updated Tuesday afternoon!

Small Produce Bin Customization

Large Produce Bin Customization

Organic Produce + Groceries Bin Customization

*Updated Tuesday Afternoons for Thursday Delivery*


Find Frequently Asked Questions here!

Details on Produce Swaps, Shopping, Billing and Checking Out!