Our Gratitude Continues

Author's note, we're showing grattitude because we're happy and thankful to be here, but we are not "out of the woods" yet, and we absolutely need everyone's support to continue.

We continue our gratitude entries this week. We are reinventing our business after 16 years in business! It's going well, and we are proud of our efforts. When the economy changes, you have to change with it, and that is what we have done. But we didn't do it alone.

Last week we listed a short list of people that have helped us directly when we were out of options, and without them, we would not still be open. This week we will list the top 20 customers that have contributed weekly by being very significant loyal customers, they committed to spending a significant amount of their grocery budget with us and they have stuck with us through thick and thin. Every business depends on loyal customers and ours is no different. These supporters deserve our thanks for supporting our mission of providing organic food, supporting organic local farms, and sustainable and healthy communities! Thank you very much to the following Farm Stand family members in alphabetical order!
Abel Alves and Carol Blakney
Almitra Badger
Ruth Berkey
Donna and Ted Blodgett
Cathy Brinker
Tony Cancio
Leeann Glore
Robert and Liz Haney
Alex Holzman
 Sally Jarret
Mai Kuha
Vicki and John Peterson 
Lucinda Rarick
Julee Rosser and Lenen Nicola
 Cindy Rumen
Brian Satchell
Greg and Emily Stabryla
Barb Stedman and Martha Hunt
Ellen and Nicholas Thorington
 Aimee and John West 
Tracy Whelan

There are many more people that have supported our work! Next week we would like to thank loyal delivery customers and after that we will thank a number of people that contributed in different ways to us still being able to keep our mission alive. An after that, we would like to thank many of our former employees that still support us and stay involved. Previous blog posts are listed on our home page here that can catch you up on our current affairs. Thank you.

A sincere thank you to these Farm Stand family members. Sara and I are very humbled by your faith in us and by the support that you have given us. We can't say it enough!

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