Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood! From their family to our families!



It’s a great story, one of those coincidences that’s hard to believe. We were on a beach this spring in Cedar Key. One of our favorite backwoods destinations in Florida that gets very little traffic. The beaches have oyster shell and the waters are shallow. The local towns have kept out high-rises, and even fast food. For those reasons, the big crowds don’t go there. That’s one reason why we like it so much. There are no crowds, and it’s out of the way and immersed in nature.

So fast forward to a nice mellow camping vacation. I’m coming in on my kayak from fishing, and Sara’s on the beach talking to some folks. I see the guy pick up Sara’s paddle board and start walking away with it. Now I had just had my old canoe stolen the night before. I wasn’t too broken up about it, and I had actually come around to feeling like they did me a favor. But still it was fresh on my mind. I yell from my kayak, “Sara, isn’t that your paddle board?” She said, “It’s okay, they’re friends.”

I get on the beach and we all start talking. It didn’t take long to ask each other what we all do for a living. It turns out, they are the owners of a small fishing company in Alaska and that we have been buying our Wild Alaskan Salmon from them since 2007! Well it’s a huge coincidence, I mean there’s maybe 25 people on the beach total in a very out of the way fishing village.  We ended up hanging out the rest of the week together, and having an awesome time. They introduced us to some more great local folks and we ate a lot of fantastic meals together.

Those fine folks travel with a lot of seafood, and recently their family business had launched several new lines of product for sale and we got to try them all! So new this week you’ll see of course Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Ground Salmon, Pacific Cod, and now Royal Red Patagonia Shrimp, and Pacific Yellowfin Ahi tuna!! Get yours right away, and let us know what you think. Sara and I can tell you, it’s all phenomenal and sushi grade seafood. We ordered trial amounts to see what the interest level would be, so come on in and get yours and we will order more… from their family to ours!  You can see the whole collection HERE.

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  • We love salmon!! It’s hard to find that kind of fresh salmon around here!! I will definitely be in!!

    Melanie Hollensbe

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