Changes coming to the Farm Stand

The Great Farm Stand Re-set -
Back to the Future!
Please Read, this affects all
patrons of the Farm Stand

After nearly 16 years, the future sustainability of the Farm Stand and our mission requires that we make significant changes.  

We do not see these as negative changes, but as an evolution. Sara and I have poured our hearts and minds into finding an avenue to continue our mission in a way that upholds our community, our farmers and producers, and our own personal work/life balance and financial security.  Big changes?  Yes. 

While we are saddened that the grocery and deli cannot continue in its current form, we are adapting to continue to support our network of farmers and producers. Lower overhead will mean a price break for you, and it will allow us to continue supporting a local sustainable food system to help address food security issues.

Please read through the following changes and to read a longer version of why we are making these changes click here. 

Regular hours of the grocery and deli have changed immediately.  The deli is now closed, it's losing money, and we can't continue at this time.

We have shifted to one Market day per week : starting Thursday 11/10. We will be open Saturday, November 19th (Turkey pick-up day, the Saturday before Thanksgiving).  We ARE taking Turkey orders from Gunthorp Farms as normal!  When we opened the Farm Stand in 2007 we were open on Thursdays only (back to the future)!

Farm Stand Weekly Market Day (starting 11/10): 11/10/22 will be our first day of opening every Thursday from 10 - 5 for our Farm Stand Market Day, a smaller, high quality selection of local and organic products.  The grocery store will be open only on Thursdays.  There are many factors as to why this is occurring.  You can read more about the reasons by clicking here.  But we will offer one day a week to shop for quality food, which is exactly what we offered when we first opened in 2007! 

Home Grocery Delivery service will still be available, but the delivery program will change starting December 1st.  Details will be sent to home delivery customers when we have them completely worked out.

Our commercial kitchen and catering will continue!  We will keep the Farm Stand kitchen licensed and open for Second Story prep and for catering jobs.  We will offer Thanksgiving and Christmas carryout dinners again.  We will also continue to actively book catering bar service and catered food events for all kinds of food, all sizes of events and venues including weddings.  You will also still be able to get some of your favorite deli items for parties and events!  Please spread the word!

The Farm Stand Second Story Lounge will continue and has added Thursday evenings. Updated hours will be on our online calendar.  We will be event focused so be sure to check our calendar!

Because we will be open in the Lounge on Thursday evenings following the Farm Stand Market Day, our vision is that every week there will be a community party with delicious food and cocktails, healthy smoothies and mocktails, and discounts available to Farm Stand Market shoppers. A blues jam will be hosted by our friends, the incredibly talented artists, Lovesick Moan, and will include regular special musical guests.  

We love our Farm Stand community and family and we want it to continue!

What will we sell on Farm Stand Market Thursdays?  You will still be able to purchase organic local farm products, local eggs, Gunthorp Farms meats, local grass fed beef, Equal Exchange coffee and chocolate, Kalona dairy products, local honey, maple syrup, bulk dry goods, special orders, and fresh baked Farm Stand bread as well as popular grocery items!  Online pre-orders will be taken for many items including produce boxes with seasonal organic produce.

In Conclusion…

We know this is a lot to digest.  And we will be communicating more about the changes moving forward.  The bottom line is that due to circumstances beyond our control, this change has to happen quickly.  Sara and I can not continue to go into further debt, and we need balance back in our lives.  

Let us know if you have any questions!  To our weekly deli and grocery supporters, we are sorry for this.  Many of you did everything you could.  And we are also so sorry for our friends that live in the food desert neighborhoods around us that come to us for fresh organic food.  We have no choice but to make these changes, but we are trying to continue to support you, our loyal customers, farmers, and producers in a way that benefits all. 

This is a necessary evolution and a chance to continue on for better days ahead! It may once again grow as it did for many years. And we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s a few ways to support our mission:

Order a Thanksgiving turkey

Shop with us on Thursdays. 

Sign up for a delivery or pick-up bin.

Dine in the Second Story Lounge for dinner or brunch, come to events, and leave good reviews (if you like it)!

Tell everyone you know about our catering!

As always, thanks for your support!