Cracker, Sea Salt, Jovial, Einkorn  Organic,

Cracker, Sea Salt, Jovial, Einkorn Organic,

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  • Nature's Original Wheat
  • The Only Wheat Never Hypridized
  • 3g Protein per serving
  • Yeast Free
  • Product of Italy
  • USDA Organic
From Ancient Grains, A Healthier Future  Using the traditional wisdom from generations ago, our artisan bakers use einkorn sourdough starter to slowly and naturally leaven these crackers, making them light and flavorful.


When we discovered einkorn in 2007, this ancient grain was nearly extinct.

Einkorn is a healthy alternative to modern wheat.

Delicious nutritious and lighter you will feel great snacking on these amazing little crackers.


Einkorn: unchanged for 12,000 years

Modern Wheat: bred for higher yields and strong gluten


In 2007, I began baking with einkorn because it was the healthiest choice for my family. One day when my daughter was home sick from school, I created a savory cracker for her to snack on. She liked it so much, I brought my einkorn sourdough starter and the recipe to a baker who has been making bread since 1965. Now, our crackers are made the old-fashioned way, with sourdough and a 20-hour slow rise that creates a light snack that won't weigh down your digestion. Enjoy!


Carla - Jovial Founder